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Postings of vintage photos from the mid 1800s through World War II. Most are lightly edited.

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  • 02/22/13--08:33: Russell Lee
  •  Indian mother and baby, near Little Fork, Minnesota, 1937

     Indian woman, wife of farmer, McIntosh County, Oklahoma, 1939

     Mrs. Huravitch and youngest son. Williams County, North Dakota, 1937

     Mrs. Olie Thompson ready to drive home from the spring with barrels full of water. 
    Williams County, North Dakota, 1937

     Mrs. Sophie Rudd, a widow who lives by herself on forty acres of land 
    near Black River Falls, Wisconsin, 1937

     Mrs. Theodore Eickholt and her three children, 
    Miller Township, Woodbury County, Iowa, 1936

     Native Spanish-American dance at fiesta, Taos, New Mexico, 1940

     Negro agricultural day laborer picking string beans in field near Muskogee, Oklahoma, 1939

     Negro FSA clients listening to farm supervisor at mass meeting 
    near Marshall, Texas. Sabine Farms, Texas, 1939

    Negro family with supplies in wagon ready to leave for the farm, 
    Saturday afternoon, San Augustine, Texas, 1939

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  • 02/25/13--08:33: Ben Shahn - Arkansas
  •  A destitute family, Ozark Mountains area, 1935

     Community canning, Dyess Colony, Arkansas, 1935

     Blind street musician, West Memphis, Arkansas, 1935

     Cotton pickers at 6:30 a.m., Alexander plantation, Pulaski County, Arkansas, 1935

     Ozark children, Arkansas, 1935

     Inhabitants of Marked Tree, Arkansas, 1935

    Cotton pickers ready for day's work, 6:30 a.m., Pulaski County, Arkansas, 1935

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     Free-hand drawing class. Hunt, Idaho, 1943

     Harvest Festival Queens at Camp 1, Thanksgiving day. l-r, Irene Takayama; Peggy Tagami; Chiyi Sekino, Queen; Claire Fujishige; Janet Miura. Rivers, Arizona, 1942

     Ice cream bar passes hands in the community store at Manzanar. 1942

     Kindergarten and nursery children having a grand time on the see-saw, Rivers, Arizona, 1943

     Kitchen crew preparing lunch. Menu is baked macaroni with Spanish sauce, spinach, pickled beets, bread-pudding, tea, bread and butter. Dave K. Yoshida, chef. Hunt, Idaho, 1943

     Kiyoko Tatsukawa, former high school student from Huntington Beach, California, and a graduate of the spring 1943 class in Nurse's Aid at the Poston Hospital

     Little girls playing house at this War Relocation Authority center where evacuees of Japanese ancestry are spending the duration, Poston, Arizona, 1942

     Lucy Yonemitshu, former student from Los Angeles, California, enjoys a few free moments from her household duties and listens to swing music from her familiar and favorite Los Angeles radio station. Manzanar, California, 1943

     Mary Nakagaki studying in the library, Rivers, Arizona, 1942

     Members of the Chick-a-dee soft ball team from Los Angeles choose sides for a practice game at Manzanar, where, since evacuation, the girls have kept their team intact. 1942

     Members of the fire department spend their leisure time by a friendly game of cards. 
    Topaz, Utah, 1943

     Memorial Day services at Manzanar. American Legion members 
    and Boy Scouts participated in the services. 1942

     Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, accompanied by Dillon Myer, National Director of the War Relocation Authority, visits the Gila Relocation Center, where they were greeted by crowds of enthusiastic evacuees, 1943

     Mrs. Yamatoto, former P.T.A. president from San Francisco, and now head of the Canal Women's Club, presents Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt with a bouquet of flowers, Rivers, Arizona, 1943

     New Year's Fair. Pretty Nami Nadaoka is shown with the program sign at the fair, 
    which was held in Camp No. 2, Poston, Arizona, 1943

     Pupils of the high first grade are shown busily at work on their geography lessons. 
    Topaz, Utah, 1943

    Pvt. Joe Watanabe and his family, Rivers, Arizona, 1944

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  • 02/27/13--09:22: Detroit Publishers
  •  Observation car on a deluxe overland limited train, 1910-1920

     Pay day at the shipyard, Newport News, Virginia, 1905

     Pay day for the stevedores, Baltimore, Maryland, 1905

     Pay-day on the levee, 1900-1906
     People picking fruit in an orchard, 1900-1920

     Please go 'way and let me sleep, 1890-1910

     REO Mountaineer, New York to San Francisco and back, 1900-1905
     Polly in the peanut patch, 1900-1905

     Roller skating, Forrest Park, Memphis, Tennessee, 1906
    [This park, named after Civil War Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest, was recently in the news.]

    Rafting pine logs, Keystone Lumber Company, 1901

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  • 02/28/13--08:32: Mrs. Coolidge
  • Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge, wife of President Calvin Coolidge, was First Lady of the United States from 1923-1929. By all accounts she was vivacious, outgoing, and active (in contrast with her husband, who was known as "Silent Cal"), and she was by far the most photographed First Lady up to that time. These photographs are from National Photo.

    Visit this collection of funny stories about Calvin Coolidge, who had quite a dry wit.

    Bryn Mawr Alumnae with Mrs. Coolidge, 1924

     Mrs. Coolidge & Mrs. Herbert Hoover at Girl Scouts' little house, 1925

     Mrs. Coolidge and Girl Scouts, 1923

     Mrs. Coolidge and raccoon, Easter egg rolling, 1927

     Mrs. Coolidge eating Girl Scout cookies, 1923

     Mrs. Coolidge distributes Xmas bags for Central Union Mission, 1925

     Mrs. Coolidge, 1921

     Mrs. Coolidge, May Day, 1927

     Mrs. Coolidge, 1921

     President and Mrs. Coolidge acknowledge greetings from crowd, November 1924
    [her dog's name was Rob Roy]

     President and Mrs. Coolidge, 1924

     Mrs. Coolidge and Campfire Girls, 1923

    Mrs. Coolidge at Friendship House, 1925

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  • 03/01/13--08:35: Cabinet Cards
  •  Couple in Fairport, New York

     Aunt Martha, Chicago, Illinois

     Couple in Holyoke, Massachusetts

     African American family

     Dagmar, 15 years old, Chicago

     Couple with book in Glatz, Germany, 1914

     Couple in Los Angeles, California

    Elderly bearded man, Nebraska City, Nebraska

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  • 03/04/13--12:57: Dorothea Lange
  •  Salvation Army. San Francisco, California, 1939

     Unemployed lumber worker goes with his wife to the bean harvest. 
    Note social security number tattooed on his arm. Oregon, 1939

     Washington, Yakima Valley, near Wapato. One of Chris Adolph's younger children. 
    Farm Security Administration Rehabilitation clients, 1939

     Wife and child of tractor driver. Aldridge Plantation, Mississippi, 1937

     Young mother, twenty five, says "Next year we'll be painted and have a lawn and flowers." 
    Rural shacktown, near Klamath Falls, Oregon, 1939

     Scene along "Skid Row." Howard Street, San Francisco, California, 1937

    Washing facilities on a Greene County, Georgia, tenant farm, 1937

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  • 03/05/13--08:35: Civil War
  •  Major General Daniel Sickles and his staff following the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863

     Dutch Gap, Virginia. Picket station of Colored troops near Dutch Gap canal, 1864

     Allan Pinkerton, President Lincoln, and Maj. Gen. John McClernand, Antietam, 1862

     Officers and ladies on porch of a garrison house, Fort Monroe, Virginia, 1864

     Sherrick Farm, Antietam Battlefield, 1862
     Union soldiers waiting to advance, Chancellorsville

     White officers of 4th U.S. Colored Infantry at leisure, Fort Slocum, 1865

    William Tecumseh Sherman and staff

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    Part 1: Closing of an Internment Center

     A little girl is consoled as the closing of the Jerome Center separates her from her pet, Major, a friendly dog owned by Henry Ishino, which had become the pet of all the children in the block. Denson, Arkansas, 1944

     Closing of the Jerome Center, Denson, Arkansas. Military Police assist evacuees entering the chair cars on the June 13th trip to the Gila River Center. Denson, Arkansas, 1944

     Closing of the Jerome Center, Denson, Arkansas. Clara Hasegawa and Tad Mijake take a last look at the Jerome Center from the balcony of one of the camp's guard towers. 1944

     Closing of the Jerome Center, Denson, Arkansas. Residents remaining in the 
    Jerome Center awaiting transportation to other localities crowd the streets 
    as they return to their homes after the departure of a train. 1944

     Passengers for the Gila River train leave the trucks and approach the cars 
    to which they have been assigned. Denson, Arkansas, 1944

     Evacuees still remaining in the Jerome Center wave to friends on the train 
    from behind the wire fence surrounding the camp. Denson, Arkansas, 1944

    The whistle blows, the train jerks forward, and Jerome residents awaiting movement to other centers wave to their friends who are en route to Gila River Center. Denson, Arkansas, 1944

    Part 2: Going Home

     First Japanese-American family leaves Central Utah Relocation Center 
    for California. Topaz, Utah, 1945

     Daddy will be glad to know we're going home. So said Mrs. Marianne Arimoto to her children as she packed a photograph of Pvt. Edgar Arimoto, army volunteer in France. 1945

     First Japanese-American family packs in preparation to leave 
    Central Utah Relocation Center for California. Topaz, Utah, 1945

     Lining the rails of the SS Shawnee, in Los Angeles Harbor, to bid farewell to friends, are a group of persons of Japanese ancestry who were evacuated from Hawaii during the war. 1945

    Japanese-American women prepare to return to their California ranch home. Topaz, Utah, 1945

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  • 03/07/13--09:10: Harris & Ewing
  •  Adelaide Henry, Council for Eastern Air Lines. March 1938

     At luncheon to English peace advocate. Washington, D.C., Jan. 9. Mrs. Roosevelt was among the distinguished guests to attend the luncheon today in honor of Dr. Maude Royden, January 1937

     Congress Heights Dramatic Club

     Horse show, 1915

     General John J. Pershing at parade, 1918

     Lee Dillard Goodsby, a member of the graduating class of the U.S. Naval Academy today, received an added thrill when his girlfriend, Betty Brougher, pinned the epaulets of ensign on his uniform. June 1939

     Mrs. Gerald M. Conkling, Mrs. Walter Rice; Congressional Club Gay 90s party. April 1938

     Native Americans with bicycle, 1938-39

     Rosalie Sutton, Assistant Secretary of Senator Claude Pepper of Florida. 
    The cat wandered into the Senate office building. 1938-39

    Miss Esther Cleveland
    [no telling which is her, or who the other one is...]

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  • 03/08/13--09:13: Russell Lee - Kids
  •  Southeast Missouri Farms. Daughter of FSA client, 
    former sharecropper, leaning on hoe, 1938

     Spanish-American children waiting for a ride on the merry-go-round, 
    Fiesta, Taos, New Mexico, 1940

     Spanish-American boy weeding the garden, Chamisal, New Mexico, 1940

     Spanish-American girls, Chamisal, New Mexico, 1940

     Spanish-American native dance. Fiesta at Taos, New Mexico, 1940

     Spanish-American people at fiesta, Taos, New Mexico, 1940

     Where the Negro and white sections on the South Side meet, the white and Negro children sometimes play together, Chicago, Illinois, 1941

     Young girl holding baby brother in her arms, community camp, Oklahoma City, 1939

     Youngsters, Vale, Oregon, 1941

    Visitors to the fiesta, Taos, New Mexico, 1940

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  • 03/11/13--09:14: High School
  • These are high school scenes from National Photo. It doesn't appear to have been any more fun then than it is now (though the girls taking auto shop look like they're enjoying themselves), but at least it was cleaner and more orderly.

     Anacostia High School, Washington, DC, 1939, art class

     Cooking class, Bethesda, Chevy Chase High School, 1935

     High school girls learn the art of automobile mechanics. Left to right- Grace Hurd, Evelyn Harrison, and Corinna DiJiulian, with Grace Wagner (under car), at Central High, Washington DC. 1927

     Hine Junior High School girls basket ball team, 1925

     Mercerburg High School, 1924

     Montgomery Blair High School class room, Silver Spring, Maryland, 1935

     Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Maryland, 1935

     Tech High School students, Washington, DC, 1936

     Training table, Eastern High School, Washington, DC, 1910-20
    [what's a "training table"?]
     Rockville, Maryland high school, 1936

    Eastern High School students, Washington, DC, 1935

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  • 03/12/13--09:20: World War II Combat
  •  A Marine of the 1st Marine Division draws a bead on a Japanese sniper, Okinawa, 1945

     A formation of Spitfires on interception patrol over De Djerba Island, 
    off Gabes, on their way to the Mareth Line area, 1943
     A platoon of Negro troops surrounds a farm house in a town in France, 
    as they prepare to eliminate a German sniper holding up an advance, 1944

     Across the litter on Iwo Jima's black sands, 
    Marines of the 4th Division shell Japanese positions, 1945

     Allied bombing raid over Europe

     American Recon troops of the 83rd Infantry Division 
    move up the main street in Bihain, Belgium, January, 1945

     American assault troops in a landing craft huddle behind the protective front of the craft as it nears a beachhead, D-Day, 1944

     American soldier shares water and food with 3 native island children clothed in rags following the defeat of Japanese forces occupying the island, Saipan, Marianas Islands, July 1944

     American troops marching through the streets of a British port town on their way to the docks where they will be loaded into landing craft, June 1944

     American soldier with captured Germans, 1944

     American troops of Troop E, 7th Cavalry Regiment, advance towards San Jose on Leyte Island, Philippine Islands. 20 October 1944

    American troops of the 28th Infantry Division 
    march down the Champs Elysees, Paris. August 1944

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  • 03/13/13--09:05: Lewis Hine
  •  A former chicken coop, in which during the berry season the Arnao family, 
    seventeen children and five elders, live on Hitchen's farm, Seaford, Delaware, 1910

     A group of girl workers in Greenabaum's Canneries, Seaford, Delaware. These girls 
    gave their ages as 10, 13 and 13. They work from 7 am to 6 pm. 1910

     About 50 persons housed in this miserable row of dilapidated shacks partly surrounded 
    by a tidal marsh. Maggioni Canning Co. Port Royal, South Carolina, 1912

     All these boys are cutters in the Seacoast Canning Co., Factory #7. Ages range from 7 to 12. They live near the factory. Seven year old boy in front, Byron Hamilton, has a badly cut finger, but helps his brother regularly. 1911

     Boys linking bed-springs, Boston, 1917

     Children going through Whitman Street dump, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, 1912

     Frank Burditt and family. They rent this dilapidated shack and are trying 
    to make a living off the meagre land near by. Sissonville, West Virginia, 1921

     Rose Biodo, 10 years old. Working 3 summers. Minds baby and carries berries, 
    two pecks at a time. Whites Bog, Brown Mills, NJ, 1910

     Some of the young shrimp-pickers working at the Dunbar, Lopez, Dukate Co.
    Youngest five and eight years old.  Biloxi, Mississippi, 1911

    Teixiera family, Mary J., 11 years; Manuel 10 years. Mother and these two children pick 40 measures a day at 7 cents a measure. Falmouth, Plimney Bog, Massachusetts, 1911

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  • 03/14/13--09:07: Cabinet Cards - Entertainers
  •  Lizzie Webster, theater actress

     Mabel Trunelle, stage and silent film actress, Fort Wayne, Indiana

     Mary Beebe, stage actress, New York
    [to me she looks a bit like a young Barbra Streisand]
     Mary Anderson, stage actress, Philadelphia

     Mrs James Brown Potter, socialite and theater actress, New York

     Netty Hunter, theater actress, New York, 1895

     Rosalba Beecher, opera singer, New York

     Rosina Vokes, stage actress, and her sisters

     Violet Lloyd, English stage actress and singing comedienne, New York

     Maude Branscombe, popular stage beauty and light opera singer, New York

    Pauline Markham, singer and burlesque dancer, New York

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  • 03/15/13--09:22: Vintage Bathing Beauties
  • From National Photo.

     Women in bathing suits with ukuleles, 1926

     At Arlington Beach, Hazel Watson, Eleanor Howell and Marjie Peacock, July 1924

     Bathing beach contest, 1922

     Bath costume contest, 1921

     Bathing beach parade, July 1919

     Beauty show, 1922

     Bathing beach, June 1922

     Betty Byrne and someone else, 1923

     Five women in swimsuits on icy beach, 1924

     Bathing beach, 1921

    Bathing beach, 1921b
    [same duo as previous picture]

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  • 03/18/13--09:15: Detroit Publishers
  •  The Lincoln gates, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, 1906

     The Beach, Gordon Park, Cleveland, Ohio, 1908

     Two Jacks and a Jill, 1900-1906

     The Whole black family at the Hermitage, Savannah, Georgia, 1907

     Waiting for New York Yacht Club fleet, Marblehead, Massachusetts, 1906

     Unloading cotton, Memphis, Tennessee, 1900-1910

    Weighing cotton, 1905

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  • 03/19/13--09:26: Adolphe Braun
  • Perhaps you've noticed that this blog has been a tad Ameri-centric. To begin to widen the horizons a bit, I start with Adolphe Braun (1812-1877), a Frenchman who was a very eclectic and imaginative photographer for his time. Perhaps as an attempt to establish photography as an art form as valid as painting, he photographed a series of floral still lifes. He also photographed scenery and rural life, but those I'll have in a later post. Here are the still lifes.

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  • 03/20/13--10:08: Felix Nadar
  • Felix Nadar (1820-1910) was a French portrait photographer whose subjects included some very prominent people indeed. His real name was Gaspard-Félix Tournachon.

     Auguste Rodin, 1893

     Charles Baudelaire, 1855

     Charles Baudelaire

     Equestrienne Selika Lazevski in riding habit, 1891

     Claude Monet, 1899

     Gustave Dore

     Geneviève Lantelme

     George Sand

     Guy de Maupassant, 1888

     Louis Pasteur, 1895

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  • 03/21/13--09:18: Henry Peach Robinson
  • Henry Peach Robinson (1830-1901) was an English photographer. His photos appear to attempt to capture the feeling of Victorian genre painting.

     A Cottage


     Fading Away (1858)

     In Kilbrennan Sound (1895)

     Hugh Welch Diamond (1869)
    [Hugh Welch Diamond was another photographer (and a psychiatrist as well!)]

    What follows is a series of four photos depicting the tale of "Little Red Riding Hood" - an early use of photography as storytelling!

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